Hampshire County XC Championships 2014-15

Another year of Hampshire Champs at Eastleigh and another year of lots of rain and plenty of mud. In places the footing was treacherous at best, but it was a true Cross Country course, stretching for 4.35km. With about 1200m to go and Zak Mahamed is storming out in front, with Robbie leading the chase closely followed by Lachlan Wellington, a tight turn in deep mud saw Robbie hit the deck, back on his feet fairly quickly but his rhythm thrown to pieces and Lachlan pulling away and Alex Rowe(Guernsey) & William Brown(Jersey) chasing him down and closing the gap quickly. With 800m to go Robbie is back in his flow and pushing hard, Lachlan is now well clear and Robbie is no threat to that second place position, but with his flow back he quickly starts to open the gap between himself and the Channel Island runners battling for fourth behind him.

1st Zak Mahamed 14:39
2nd Lachlan Wellington 14:57
3rd Robbie Coupland 15:10
4th Alex Rowe 15:18
5th William Brown 15:23

Unfortunately with only 3 runners AFD did not field a full team and as such could not compete for the team medals.

AFD Runners U15b:
18 Billy Smith 16:48
20 Sean Pocknee 17:00

Robbie Chasing Zak through the Mud of Fleming Park, Eastleigh.

Robbie Chasing Zak through the Mud of Fleming Park, Eastleigh.

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