National Junior Championships (U15/U17)

Last years 3000m (U15) event saw a very special race with 5 of the top 6 runners getting PB’s and the results aligning exactly with the Power of 10’s rankings, mostly because the times set became the runners ranks. Robbie came 6th last year, as bottom age group he wasn’t expecting such a high finish this time round, but also wasn’t expecting quite such a disappointing run. The race started very fast, Robbie trying hard to settle down at his own pace still clocked up a fast 67 seconds first 400m whilst sitting at the back. As other runners started to slow Robbie stepped up and start picking off the runners in front of him until he found that the next runner was too far away to have a chance of catching. So, much like the Hampshire Grand Prix, Robbie found himself alone and with nobody to help drag him round, ultimately finishing in a disappointing 20th place in a time 11 seconds slower than his PB. We had hoped that this very competitive race would enable Robbie to improve his PB for the 3000m but it simply wasn’t to be. So the track season target of sub 9 minutes for 3000m never happened, and nor did the sub 4’05” 1500m.

Track season is now over for Robbie, Road Relays around the corner followed by Cross Country. We hope that the 2015/16 season treats him better than last year.

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