Hampshire League (Match 1)

Robbie running lower age group for his first ever U15 Cross Country with his target position firmly set in the top 20. Representative’s from Reading, Wimborne, Southampton, AFD, Camberley, Fleet and many others made up a very strong field, so top 20 was a high standard to target. As it happens it was high but certainly not unobtainable, with the AFD boys running a great race, both at an individual level and as a team.

Details aren’t readily available as yet, but I will add  more when they are, as a taster, here is what I know.

1st Jack Boswell (AFD) – 11:56

4th Jake Cvetkovic (AFD) – 12:35

10th Robbie Coupland (AFD) – 12:54

AFD Race for the Hill

Well done boys….

Jack Boswell starts pushing for the lead… (Who is that dodgy bird in the cap and blue jacket loitering around in the background?)

And Robbie Hits the Hill…

Robbie hits the hill at Prospect Park.

U15 Boys (Note: The first four Runners for a club, make up the team.)
Team Position: Equal 1st

Position Name Time
1 Jack Boswell 11:56
4 Jake Cvetkovic 12:35
10 Robbie Coupland 12:54
14 Oliver Percival 13:13