Aldershot District Warmer Event

A preparation event to give all athletes a chance to compete prior to the District championships on May 16th.

Robbie competed in the 1500m, held as a single race for all boys from years 9,10 & 11, he finished second overall, behind AFD team mate Jake Cvetkovic with an acceptable time of 4’30”.

Robbie chasing Jake to the line. Aldershot District School Event.

2014 Track Season Underway

Last night saw the first event of Robbie’s 2014 Summer Season, a 2 hour trip around a crowded M25 to Watford for a 1500m race. Set off nice and early to ensure we got there on time, last year there was a bit of a panic as we were minutes away from registration closing time when we arrived, held up on that awesome M25. This year, with the early set off, we had a good 2 hours to kill before the 1500m started, Watford Open is a seeded event, so Athletes enter their PB or Target time and the organisers group the Athletes in to races based on those times. Last night there were 6 races, the first being the slowest grouping, the 6th being the fastest, Robbie was seeded in Race 5 along with quite a few adults so it was closer to 20:00hrs by the time he actually ran, meaning we’d been hanging around for quite some time by then.

Anyway the target time for the race was 4’25” which would knock 10 seconds off his 2013 PB, a bit of a steep ask, but where he needs to be in order to get selected by Hampshire Schools. Robbie finished the race in 5th place, in a tim e of 4’25.63″. So overall a great start to the season.

Robbie in Track Mode