Hampshire League 2017/18 (Match 2)

First time that Queen Elizabeth park has hosted a Hampshire League event, and what a course. Robbie stepping up to run in the Under 20’s for the first time finds himself racing a long 10k event, 3 laps that include one hell of a hill. A good start in an impressively attended race (286 competitiors completed the race). First down hill saw Johnny Hay leading the way and a substantial amount of AFD vests in the leading 10 runners with the Senior Men’s event being won by  Matthew Sharp of Team Spy, but closely followed by Dane Bloomquist, then Johnny. The first 10 finished included 6 AFD runners, one of which (Luke Prior) was racing in, and won the Under 20’s.

Robbie came 25th overall, 5th in the U20’s behind Luke Prior (AFD), James Heneghan (Winchester), Jake Cvetkovic (AFD) and Dominic Willmore (Poole Runners) and completed the tough 10k course in 37:34.

Great run, especially after his 7.0k race in the AOC southern championships on Friday where he finished 3rd representing Farnborough 6th Form College.

Robbie Negotiating hise Second Downhill

National Cross Country Relays 2017

Well, it took the National Relays to get Robbie back on the cross country circuit, running for the first time in an under 20 race.

Robbie was given the role of anchor, bringing in the AFD Junior Mens B team, a good run in general, though over 30 seconds slower than last year, a combination of conditions and running the last rather than the first leg. It’s a start though, now time to concentrate on the leagues, and to work toward the championships in early 2018.

AFD A – 11th 28:14.45
1. Jake Cvetkovic 09:13.20 (16)
2. Jack Boswell 09:52.45 (21)
3. Luke Prior 09:08.80 (11)

AFD B – 20th 29:09.80
1. Lewis Reid 09:29.60 (29)
2. Ollie Percival 09:52.20 (26)
3. Robbie Coupland 09:48.00 (20)