Southern Road Relays 2016

I know I may well have mentioned this before, but the usual, round the corner trip to the Southern Road Relays was somewhat extended this year. That and the closure of the M1 meant a long and extended trip out to Bedford for the relays.

Despite the extended travelling times AFD still managed to shine, winning both the Senior Mens and Senior Womens events by very impressive margins.

The Bedford Autodrome provided a very flat and exposed circuit for all races, the wind whipping across the open spaces to steal breath from the very lungs of the athletes, but still they ran.

Robbie’s first race since his foot injury, so some questions in mind on just how well he would perform, but questions smashed away on the day as he stepped up to take the 3rd stage of the 4 stage 4.5k relays, a stage that he completed in the more than acceptable time of 14 mins 35 seconds.

Times and Postions are not yet available, and given the issues on the day, may never be available, so at present we don’t really know how he performed on the grand scale, but it was a great run, especially after such a long time away.

Well done Robbie Coupland, well done AFD, and I have to say what a delight it was to watch Andy Vernon storm around stage 6 of the senior mens race. A very impressive performance completing 6k in 16:48, with AFD’s Josh Grace 2nd fastest on the day in 17:22, the AFD overall winning time for the 6 stage senior mens event being 1:46:12, some 2 minutes ahead of second place Tonbridge.

Despite the venue change Robbie still manages to keep both feet off the ground.

Despite the venue change Robbie still manages to keep both feet off the ground.

Robbie’s Winter 2016/17 Event Timetable

Robbie’s Winter 2016/17 Event Timetable (Top Year U17M)
This page should form the definitive statement of events and results for Robbie in 2016/17. As dates change I will update them here, as results come in I will add them here.
A one stop shop 🙂

5 21:23:00 6.3k N/A

Date Event Location Ind. Pos. Team. Pos. Time Dist Awards
25/09/16 Southern Road Relays (4 Stages)
Bedford Autodrome  L3-1
 4 14:35.00 4.5k N/A
08/10/16 National Road Relays (3 Stages)
Sutton Park
7 12:12.00 3.8k N/A
15/10/16 Hampshire League (1 of 5) – (14:10)
Farley Mount, Winchester 6 1 16:47.00 4.5k N/A
05/11/16 National XC Relays Mansfield L1-8
10 09:14.15 3.0k N/A
12/11/16 Hampshire League (2 of 5) – (14:10) Kings Park, Bournemouth 4
20:19.00 6.1k N/A
26/11/16 BA UK XC Challenge (2 of 5) – (12:35) Liverpool 17 N/A 17:48:00 5.5k N/A
03/12/16 Hampshire League (3 of 5) – (14:10) Popham Airfield, Basingstoke 6 1 17:17:00 5.0k N/A
10/12/16 SEAA Inter Counties XC Horspath, Oxford 28 1 16:41:00 5.0k Team Gold
07/01/17 Hampshire County XC Championships Fairthorne Manor, Botley 4 5 21:23:00 6.3k N/A
21/01/17 Hampshire Schools XC Championships (11:00) Southampton 2 2 13:45:00 4.4k Team Silver
Ind. Silver
28/01/17 Southern XC Championships Parliament Hill, London 17 2 20:16:00 6.0k Team Silver
04/02/17 Southern Schools Inter-Counties XC Championships Brandshatch, Kent 4 1 21:12:00 6.5k Team Gold
11/02/17 Hampshire League (4 of 5) – (14:10) Staunton Park, Portsmouth 1 1 21:16:00 6.5k N/A
25/02/17 English National XC Championships (12:35) Wollaton Park, Nottingham 34 2 21:48:00 6.0k Team Silver
04/03/17 Hampshire League (5 of 5) – (14:10) Prospect Park, Reading 1 1 17:19:00 6.0k N/A
04/03/17 Hampshire League Aggregate Overall Results Only 1 1 N/A N/A Team Gold
Ind. Gold
11/03/17 BA UK XC Challenge (5 of 5) – Inc. National Inter-Counties Prestwold Hall, Loughborough
39 2 21:11:00 6.0k Team Silver
22/04/17 Association of Colleges XC Championships Nottingham University, Nottingham 4 1 Waiting 7.5k Team Gold