Hampshire Cross Country Championships 2012

The Hampshire Championships are always a hard fought battle, 2012 shows a large U13 AFD boys team. So we’d hope to see an excellent team performance, much like the 2012 Hampshire League.

Distance 2700m

Individual Results

Place Time Runner Club
1 9’03” Jack Boswell AFD
2 9’16” Sean Pocknee AFD
3 9’20” Jack Peggie Jersey

Alex Rowe from Guernsey finished in 4th and Robbie finished in 5th with a time of 9’28”.

Team Results

Place Points Club Runners
1 25 AFD Jack Boswell
Sean Pocknee
Robbie Coupland
Michael Try
2 38 Jersey Jack Peggie
Samuel Maher
William Brown
Jack Leerson
3 60 Southampton Sam Costley
Luke Powell
Owen Lawrence
Blake Miller