Southern Cross Championships 2014 – Parliament Hill

As always the Southerns is one of the most difficult, arduous and physically demanding races of the cross country calendar, and this year was no different. 4.5 kms of hill and mud faced the boys and was braved and battled through by all who attended.
Jack Boswell is still injured, so once again the U15 boys were without there No. 1 runner.

AFD U15 Boys Results
A Team (5th)
07. Jake CvetKovic
23. Robbie Coupland
51. Ollie Percival
70. Harry Grace

B Team (28th)
093. Tom Fitch
159. Sean Pocknee
182. Reece Webber
200. James Hier

C Team (N/A)
244. George Dorran

Robbie’s 23rd place was an exceptional run, seeing Robbie beat many runners who we would normally expect to see in front of him, including the likes of Thomas Kendrick and Matt Rawlings who have been two of the super stars at Robbie’s age.

If mud is as good for your skin as they say, then Robbie’s legs are going to be really soft.

Hampshire Schools XC Championships – Cancelled

Saturday 18th is the date set down for the Hampshire Schools XC Championships, this was Robbie’s big event of the year, hoping to do one better than his previous performance (2 years ago) and walk away with the County Champion title. Unfortunately, following on from last years example, the county championships has once again been postponed. We hope that a new date will be organised, but last year it wasn’t and there was no Hampshire County Championships, meaning that the County team was selected from general performance in other events not from the individual performance in the County Championships, also meaning that there is no current Hampshire Schools Champion at U15, and may not be for a second year running. disappointing for all involved.

Hampshire League – Bournemouth (4 of 5)

The penultimate event of the Hampshire league saw something of a depleted AFD squad, with a number of age groups failing to field a full 3 man team. The U15 boys were without star runner Jack Boswell, and were missing a number of the regular attendees, at least they managed to field a full team.

Who says running is hard? Robbie and Tom Bourne closing their eyes in relaxation as they enter the top field at Bournemouth.

Full AFD U15 Boys positions and times will be added later, Robbie finished 8th with Jake Cvetkovic coming 2nd. Reading were the stars of the day with 4 runners in the top 10.

AFD Runners.
2. J. Cvetkovic 13:42
8. R. Coupland 14:10
27. S. Pocknee 15:20
43. R. Webber 15:57

1. Reading 11
2. AFD 37
2. Southampton 37

Hampshire County Cross Country Championships 2014.

Just got home from a very wet Flemming Park in Eastleigh, where the Hampshire County Champs have just played out. If last years event was wet, this years went well beyond that description, the course sitting beneath an inch or two of water in many places.

As always AFD struggle at a team level in the county championships, because they draw runners from 3 different counties, so team medals were always going to be few and far between. At an individual level the club managed to be up there, or at least thereabouts in a number of sections. The U15 Girls coming 1st and 4th, but unfortunately not enough runners to make up the minimum 4 required to do anything at a team level.

U15 Boys Results. (AFD only)
A Team – 1st
2 – Jake Cvetkovic (15’02)
4 – Jack Boswell (15’24)
7 – Robbie Coupland (15’46)
20 – Michael Try (16’57)

B Team – 9th
24 – Sean Pocknee (17’05)
33 – Reece Webber (17’39)
44 – James Hier (18’40)
54 – George Doran (21’16)

Swimming at Eastleigh Hampshire XC Championships 2014

AFD Gold medallists. Winning Team U15 Boys Hampshire Championships 2014