Hampshire Schools Championships 2017

Another sunny day in Portsmouth, Robbie’s original plans to run the 1500m were altered with less than a week to go due to the fact that no other runners were running the Senior Boys (SB) 1500m, with the 3000m being merged in to a single event for Inter boys (IB) and SB, and with 2 other SB competitors it seemed like a better option. On the day however Robbie was the only SB runner in the event, so a gold was guaranteed, but a race was still on with Lachlan Wellington and Jacob O’Hara from the IB race both having better times this year than Robbie’s PB.

Lachlan took the bit in his mouth early on, and led the race from the begining setting an approximate 70 second 400m pace looking good for a Robbie PB smashing 8’45” time. Robbie tucked in nicely behind Lachlan, with Jacob tucking in nicely behind Robbie, the three gradually pulled away from the rest of the runners, with fellow AFD athlete Theo Doran leading the chasing athletes, by the 1600m mark Jacob was falling off the pace, with Lachlan leading and Robbie still tucked in tight a situation that continued until about 700m out when Lachlan put a bit of a kick in and Robbie failed to respond. Ultimately Robbie came second in the event finishing in 8:53.2 but obviously taking first place for the SB race, behind Lachlan (8:48.4).

Senior Boys:
1st Robbie Coupland 8:53.2

Inter Boys:
1st Lachlan Wellington 8:48.4
2nd Jacob O’Hara 9:24.0
3rd Theo Doran 9:34.0

Well done to all runners, and good luck to the Junior and Intermediate athletes due to represent Hampshire at the Inter-Counties next week.

Lachlan, with Robbie tucked in and Jacob tucked in behind Robbie

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