Border League 2010/11

Robbie only competed in two seasons of the Border League, moving his racing emphasis to the Hampshire League events, which feeds the Hampshire County selection process, and keeping some Sunday’s free for Football.

Robbie setting the pace in the 4th Border League race.

The Border League comprises of 4 individual races, the results of which are fed in to an overall individual results table and an overall team results table. It is organised and run every year by Camberley Athletic Club.

  • Race 1 – Lord Wandsworth College – 2nd
    • 07/11/2010

Robbie’s first meeting with Sean Pocknee, a talented new addition to AFD’s line up.

 Place Time Runner Club
 1 9’02” James Fleming Camberley
 2 9’04” Robbie Coupland AFD
 3 9’22” Max O’Neill Windsor

Sean Pocknee finished in 4th Place.

  • Race 2 – Farnham Park – 1st
    • 12/12/2010

Location and event organisation for the Farnham Park race was by AFD, the steep upward sloping start seem to suit the boys really well, all those Thursday night hill training sessions coming in to practice. This is the first time we can remember seeing Daniel Cooke, another one of Robbie’s long term running opponents. In this race he was running for Bracknell, but he later moved to Camberley.

 Place Time Runner Club
 1 10’01” Robbie Coupland AFD
 2 10’19” Sean Pocknee AFD
 3 10’27” James Fleming Camberley

Daniel Cooke finishes in 4th place. Robbie’s Fleet Spurs team mate Matt Farmiloe finishes in 12’15” placing him 33rd in  a very competitive race.

  • Race 3 – Guildford – 1st
    • 06/02/2011
Place Time Runner Club
1 10’24” Robbie Coupland AFD
2 10’38” Sean Pocknee AFD
3 10’40” James Fleming Camberley
  • Race 4 – Lightwater – 2nd
    • 27/02/2011

After leading the race comfortably for a long time, Robbie relaxed out in the front, leading the pack by almost 400m at one point. His relaxation ultimately his undoing as Sean sprinted past him, quite literally grabbing the lead as they crossed the line.

Place Time Runner Club
1 10’30” Sean Pocknee AFD
2 10’30” Robbie Coupland AFD
3 10’51” James Fleming Camberley

Overall Standings.


The overall individual standings are calculated by taking each runners best 3 results and adding them together, the lowest score wins.

Place Points Runner Club
1 4 Robbie Coupland AFD
2 5 Sean Pocknee AFD
3 7 James Fleming Camberley

Team The Team event is based on the Team position for each race, added together to create a score. There are no dropped results in the team section, so all team positions for all races count. The lowest score wins.

Place Points Team  Results
1 8 Camberley  1,2,2,3 = 8
2 13 Bracknell  3,7,1,2 = 9
3 13 Basingstoke  4,1,4,4 = 14
4  16  AFD  8,4,3,1 = 16

As you can see the team performance improved over the duration of the League, the team placing per race is based on the finishing positions of the first 4 finishing athletes for that team, so in the final race AFD won with 1,2,8 (Chris Snook),13 (Jacob Ayers) giving a score of 24 points, Bracknell came second with 32 points. Over the event AFD contributions at U11 also came from Zac Ayers and Lawrence Gilfrin.