Aldershot District – Inter Schools 1

The first, and likely only, inter-schools event for Robbie this year was held at Basingstoke and for a change, in good weather conditions.

With 1500m being the only middle distance event Robbie prepared himself, once again a very limited warm up time was available, and set his mind to winning the race. A race out front on his own was always likely, even if he took it steady, so with that in mind the aim of the day was to win, be dammed with the time.

As it happened, Robbie took a very steady approach to the race, finishing well in front in a time that was only half a second slower than his PB, though his PB dates back two years after his injury filled summer season last year.

So 1st place in 4:19.0 looking comfortable and feeling good, can’t ask for much more from him. Great run.

Aldershot District - Inter Schools Approaching the Bell

Aldershot District – Inter Schools
Approaching the Bell

Robbie’s Summer Event Timetable 2016

Robbie’s Summer 2016 Event Timetable
This page should form the definitive statement of events and results for Robbie in 2016. As dates change I will update them here, as results come in I will add them here.
A one stop shop 🙂

Date Meet Location Event Event Time Result Time Result Pos. Team Result Awards
20/04/2016 Watford Open
Watford 3000 21:30
8:59:02 N/A N/A PB
27/04/2016 Aldershot Schools Basingstoke 1500 16:10 4:19:00 1st N/A N/A
01/05/2016 YDL (U20’s)
Oxford 1500
15:30 4:15:90 2nd N/A PB
14/05/2016 Hampshire Champs Portsmouth 3000 16:20 9:06:48 2nd N/A Ind. Silver
15/05/2016 Hampshire Champs
Portsmouth 1500 16:00 4:13:74 2nd N/A Ind. Silver
29/05/2016 YDL (Sunday)
Aldershot 1500
11:50 4:12:9 1st
(B Race)
01/06/2016 Watford Open Watford 3000 19:00 8:56.8 N/A N/A N/A
11/06/2016 Hampshire Schools Portsmouth 3000
12:00 9:28.1 2nd N/A Ind. Silver
Robbie Injured – Season Ended


Summer 2016

Well, thwe first run never happened, apparently as an Under 17 you can run 5000m races, but you can’t run 5000m races if they include anyone older than yourself. The 1500 doesn’t have this rule but was already full from an AFD perspective, so no run for Robbie.

So last night April 20th presented Robbie with his first track event of the season, a 3000m open at Watford Harriers home stadium and a late night was to follow, we got home about 11:45pm.

The race itself though went very well, three heats were created with runner in heat 1 aiming for times sub 8:40, heat 2 between 8:40 and 9:40 and heat 3 for runners expecting to be slower than 9:40. A few AFD team mates were there on the day, some running 800 and some running the 3k along with familiar age group runners such as Sam Crick. From the start Robbie was keen to keep with the leading runners, although 8:40 would be too fast for him, the pace wasn’t quite that hot anyway, and the first 200 (Robbie’s target 35 seconds) was hit in 36 seconds from there the 1 second out approach seemed to manifest itself in most laps the next 400 being run in 72 seconds (Robbie’s target 71 second laps) followed by 72,71,71 and just as things were getting on track a couple of laps saw Robbie forced a little wide on the bends and came in at 73 and 73 which still put Robbie on target for his PB (just) but would not put him sub 9 mins nor would it get the English Schools Qualifying time of 8:59:00. Robbie stepped up the pace as the bell rang running the last lap in 68 seconds with all the little bits added on the total time came in at 8:59:02 so a good 6 second PB but 200th of a second of the English Schools Qualifying standard. All said though a great, if cold night, extended by some naming problems on the score cards, but we are sure they will get sorted soon enough.

Watford Open - April 20th 3000m

Watford Open – April 20th 3000m