Aldershot District Inter School XC (Match 2)

All the same rules, and competition layout’s as match 1, with Years 7 & 8 racing against each other, years 9 & 10 racing against each other and year 11 racing against themselves, only incorporated in to the year 9 & 10 race. So two races for 3 age groups over 2 sexes = 4 races 🙂

Boys Years 9,10 & 11.

Robbie approaching the last corner on a quick but hilly course.

Sorry all, I don’t have a full list of results, apparently they are subject to high security restrictions and are only available to school PE departments, if I manage to hack the SPE Database and pull down the full set of results I’ll post them up here, I promise. Do me a favour and keep an eye out for the Teachers in Black suits and Sunglasses.

Course was quite short, but contained a nasty hill which had to be negotiated twice. Distance approx. 2.3k.

Much like Race 1. Robbie finished 2nd overall, 1st in the year 8/9 section. AFD team mates Charlie Mills (1st Overall, 1st Year 11) and Reece Webber (6th Overall) were once again present.