English Athletic Association – National Championships

22nd of February, Robbie’s first run as a fourteen year old, The National Championships, Wollaton Park, Nottingham.

Well for a change the weather was great, arrived at the park to glorious sunshine, it did cloud over by the time the boys ran, but for February it was warm, and generally a great day, weather wise that is.

AFD U15 Boys are still without Jack Boswell, and with the strength of teams like Tonbridge, Bedford and Leicester, his absence would guarantee no team medal. The Aldershot boys took it in their stride and went all out to try to push the team forward in the team results, with great performances from both Oliver Percival and Harry Grace adding to the team points.

AFD Runers:
08: Jake Cvetkovic 14’23”
44: Robbie Coupland 15’09”
116: Ollie Percival 15’53”
126: Harry Grace 15’56”

The AFD Boys start their battle.

Robbie – Looking Strong passing the Lake

The Battle for the End. – Robbie holds off John Howorth from TeamBath.