Youth Development League (YDL) – Match 1 – Portsmouth

Saturday 3rd May saw Robbie’s first club competitive race of the summer season, selected to compete for AFD in both the 1500m (his ideal race) and as one of 4 in the 4 x 300m ┬áRelay. A good day for AFD coming 4th overall and doing particularly well in the middle distance events. After leading the 1500m for at least 1100m Robbie ultimately finished 2nd to Surrey runner Harry Boyd. The time was good, as was the race with Robbie coming in 10th’s of a second slower than his PB in 4’26.0″. IN his first ever outing as a 4 x 300m relay runner Robbie ran an excellent 3rd leg in approximately 45″ helping AFD to 1st place in the event.

Robbie kicking in to full speed in the 4 x 300m Relay.