Goodwood – Hampshire League 2 of 5

The weather was certainly better at Goodwood this year than it was last year, that said we may have avoided horizontal rain, but we didn’t avoid gale force winds, all adding to the difficulty of the course. Going in to the race Robbie was keen to do better than his HL 2014 debut 4th place, and he succeeded in that desire coming 2nd to Zac Mahamed (14’24”) on the day. The U15 boys race had 54 runners competing 11 short of the numbers that competed in the 1st Hampshire League event of the season, but it was still a strong field in hard windy conditions.

The top 10 included 3 AFD runners, Robbie Coupland – 2nd (14’29”), Ollie Percival – 5th (14’46”) and Sean Pocknee – 7th (14’54) a great performance all round for AFD with Marcus Shantry finishing 11th and Tom Naisby finishing in 29th.

So the current team standings are: (All races count)
1st AFD
2nd Southampton
3rd Reading
4th Portsmouth
5th Wimborne

Current League Individual Standings (Drop 1 result)
= 1st Tom Bourne (Wimbourne)
= 1st Zac Mahamed (Southampton)
3rd Robbie Coupland (AFD)
=4th Chey Kemp (Reading)
=4th Lachlan Wellington (Portsmouth)

Stampede to the first corner

Stampede to the first corner

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