Southern Road Relays – 1 Day to go.

Looking forward to the big Winter start day tomorrow.

Timetable is set …

Time Race Format
11:00 Girls Under 13 3 x 2291m
11:35 Boys Under 13 4 x 2997m
12:30 Girls Under 15 3 x 2997m
13:15 Boys Under 15 4 x 2997m
14:10 Women Under 17 3 x 2997m
14:55 Men Under 17 4 x 3851m
15:55 Senior Women 4 x 3851m
15:55 Veterans (Over 40) 4 x 3851m

Teams are drawn up …

U15 Boys:

First Name Surname Team Leg Time
Robbie Coupland A 1  10:10
Tom Fitch A 2  10:27
Jake Cvetkovic A 3  10:00
Jack Boswell A 4  9:20
Ollie Percival B 1  10:19
Harry Grace B 2  10:42
Matt Murphy B 3  10:53
Sean Pocknee B 4  11:15
Reece Webber C 1  11:11
Sam Foreman C 2  11:51
James Hier C 3  11:58
x x C 4

Southern Road Relays 2011

Here we are once more, Rushmoor Arena September 24th 2011.

Robbie back in the U13’s team for the 3rd time round, promoted from the “C” team up to the “A” team and running U13’s as an U13 for the first time.

Robbie completing his leg in 11’27” and the team finishing 4th overall, the best position from an U13 Boys team since Robbie joined the club.

  • 2009 A team – 21st
  • 2010 A team – 5th
  • 2011 A team – 4th

Cheered on past AFD Corner

Southern Road Relays 2009

It’s Robbie’s first outing in an AFD vest, and though he is still only 9yo he steps up and runs in the U13’s race.

Robbie is Happy to represent AFD

Robbie is Happy to represent AFD

His pace does him well, and he catches a number of runners on his circuit round the course, some much bigger than he is…

Size doesn't always matter.

Size doesn’t always matter.

Running for AFD in their U13 C team, and completing his leg in 12’54”. The C team finish the team event in 33rd place.