Hampshire Track and Field Championships 2014 – Day 2

Day 2 of the Hampshire Championships and Robbie is officiating again, but the race of the day is the 1500m, which possibly carries a little bit more importance than the 3000m as it will feed the English Inter-County Championships. Originally scheduled as a single heat followed by a final, drop outs on the day caused a rethink by the officials and the race was reorganised in to a straight final. After planning for a heat, this meant a quick rethink by Robbie on his tactics, and he pretty much went for the same tactics as he did in the 3000m, i.e. Get out there, run like mad and hope he burns out the opposition. Great Plan 🙂

The race held completely different opponents to the 3000m, but a similar race style with Robbie leading from the front, Alex Forster took up the shoulder sitting role and kept hard on Robbie right up to the 1200m point, where Robbie started to pull away, and Alex started to slow having given his all and Robbie seeing the clock kicked with a hope to hit the elusive 4’22” English Schools qualifying time, unfortunately he didn’t make it and Alex was knocked back in to 3rd place by Patrick Whelan from Southampton, but not making the qualifying time was a minor and almost insignificant point on the day, Robbie got a 1500m PB of 4’23”, won a second gold for the weekend and was, for the second time in two days awarded the title of  County Champion, this time at 1500m.

Once again, well done Robbie.

Podium Line up for the Hampshire Championship 1500m

Hampshire Track and Field Championships 2014 – Day 1

Day 1 of the Hampshire Championships comes to a close, both Robbie and I have dipped our hands in to the “Officials” role today, along with Robbie’s outing in the 3000m. After coming second last year to Jack Boswell, and with Jack now running in the age group above Robbie was expecting to have an easy win today, that thought direction changed though once we saw the field of runners competing, with a number of XC rivals stepping up to the 3000m track challenge too. The plan? Go as fast as possible and try to burn out the opposition, a plan that worked exceptionally well, Zac Mahamed stuck to Robbie like glue for the first 3 laps, making a push to take the lead in the fourth, his 1st place lasted roughly 200m before Robbie took the mantle up again and started to pull away within a lap the gap was growing substantially and the supporters on the sidelines could see a win in the offing. Despite a fairly obvious kick in speed at the bell from Zac, Robbie continued to maintain the gap between them, eventually winning the championship 3000m in 9’29.49″ less than 4 seconds of the Championship record.

Hampshire 3000m Champion 2014

Hampshire 3000m Champion 2014


This is Robbie’s first time as a County Champion, so a very pleased, if very tired young Coupland returned to Fleet. Just time to rest up for tomorrow’s 1500m heats and race. Well done Robbie!

First 3000m of 2014

Another gloriously sunny day in Portsmouth see’s Robbie run his first 3000m of the 2014 summer season, with a current PB of 9’53.56″ to beat and an ambitious season target of 9’25” in mind, Portsmouth seemed like a great opportunity to get a good foot in the door for the season. Unfortunately the organisers decided to set the race on age, not ability so once again Robbie found himself out front on his own trying to set a PB. A PB was set, and a great improvement shown, but not close enough to his season target to make him happy. Finishing in 9’41.82″, knocking off approximately 12 seconds from his PB was still a great start, let’s hope he gets a chance to put a good paced time in at some point this summer.

Running for the bell, 2600m and looking good.

Running for the bell, 2600m and looking good.

Youth Development League (YDL) – Match 1 – Portsmouth

Saturday 3rd May saw Robbie’s first club competitive race of the summer season, selected to compete for AFD in both the 1500m (his ideal race) and as one of 4 in the 4 x 300m  Relay. A good day for AFD coming 4th overall and doing particularly well in the middle distance events. After leading the 1500m for at least 1100m Robbie ultimately finished 2nd to Surrey runner Harry Boyd. The time was good, as was the race with Robbie coming in 10th’s of a second slower than his PB in 4’26.0″. IN his first ever outing as a 4 x 300m relay runner Robbie ran an excellent 3rd leg in approximately 45″ helping AFD to 1st place in the event.

Robbie kicking in to full speed in the 4 x 300m Relay.

2014 Track Season Underway

Last night saw the first event of Robbie’s 2014 Summer Season, a 2 hour trip around a crowded M25 to Watford for a 1500m race. Set off nice and early to ensure we got there on time, last year there was a bit of a panic as we were minutes away from registration closing time when we arrived, held up on that awesome M25. This year, with the early set off, we had a good 2 hours to kill before the 1500m started, Watford Open is a seeded event, so Athletes enter their PB or Target time and the organisers group the Athletes in to races based on those times. Last night there were 6 races, the first being the slowest grouping, the 6th being the fastest, Robbie was seeded in Race 5 along with quite a few adults so it was closer to 20:00hrs by the time he actually ran, meaning we’d been hanging around for quite some time by then.

Anyway the target time for the race was 4’25” which would knock 10 seconds off his 2013 PB, a bit of a steep ask, but where he needs to be in order to get selected by Hampshire Schools. Robbie finished the race in 5th place, in a tim e of 4’25.63″. So overall a great start to the season.

Robbie in Track Mode

They think it’s all over, and now it is….

The Alder Valley League Finals completes the track season. Robbie did run in the 1500m which was won convincingly by the favourite James Beeks of Basingstoke AC. Robbie finished 3rd, being pipped on the finishing straight by Reading AC’s A runner. A good race and a very respectable time for Robbie of 4’37” (2 Seconds short of his PB).

Robbie Finished a respectable 3rd in the AVB finals at Readings Palmer Park Stadium.

Personal Best’s

The table below shows Robbie’s Track PB’s as they currently stand, details curtesy of www.thepoweroften.info

Event PB 2013 2012 2011 2010
75 11.3       11.3
100 15.2   15.2 15.5  
150 23.0       23.0
200 31.6   31.6 31.9  
600 1:59.5       1:59.5
800 2:19.5 2:19.5 2:28.0 2:37.2  
1000 3:07.2   3:07.2   3:25.9
1500 4:35.0 4:35.0 4:55.5 5:02.09  
3000 9:53.56 9:53.56      
5K 19:46   19:46   
Parkrun (5K) 18:02 18:02     

That’s about all folks !!!

Well that’s about it for track and field 2013, not much else to see or do. Robbie and Jade have disappeared with their Grandma and Grandpa Blogg for a week.

We may try to squeeze another open track event in over the summer, but all the leagues and county events are now completed. The next big race is the Southern Road Relays, to be held in Aldershot on the weekend of 21st and 22nd of September, then back in to Cross Country for another season.

The 2013/14 XC season will see Robbie competing for AFD in the bottom year of the U15 age group, much like he has done over the summer track season. The Schools and Club events split the age categories slightly differently, so he will be competing in the upper year  of the Schools U15 age group which means for the next XC season his core focus will be on schools events, and in particular trying to get in to the England Schools XC team.

Wessex league – Match 4 – 1500m

The race was combined across the three older age groups, U15, U17 and U20. Giving a little bit of competition to the boys.

Robbie finished 6th overall, and 3rd in the U15’s with James Beeks winning the U15 race in 4’19” gaining a new PB and Robbie coming in with a time of 4’36” (One second outside his PB). Team mate Harry Grace also just missed out on a new PB.

The Pack hit the 100m point on lap 1. Wessex League Match 4 1500m (U15, U17 & U20)


Saucony – Hampshire Grand Prix (1)

A late night run at Basingstoke track (Down Grange) was preceded by an early evening trip to Pizza Hut for Robbie and I. Nearly 12 hours later and I personally am regretting the chillies scattered liberally all over my Cajun Chicken Pizza.

The standing precedence of rain at Down Grange still stands, despite the race being in the middle of the driest July on record, and half way through a blazing heat wave, it still managed to rain, quite heavily for over 5 minutes.

Anyway, the running.

The Grand Prix is all about personal bests, the middle distance races are provided with Pace makers to try to assist with PB times.

A very tired looking Robbie (10pm) Hampshire Grand Prix 3000m U15 Winner

Robbie’s 3000m race set to start at 9pm, sees the lights on at the stadium as night time starts to fall. Unlike the 12 800m races that went on earlier in the evening, there are only 3 3000m races with Robbie running in the final race, results shown below. Finishing in a new Personal best time of 9:53.56 (Knocking 10 seconds of his previous PB) and winning the Saucony prize for U15B 3000m.

3000m Race 3 (Green entries = Personal Best Times)

Name Age Club Time
1 Robbie Coupland U15B Aldershot Farnham & District 9:53.56
2 Daniel Cooke U15B Camberley & District 10:00.51
3 Bryn Smith U17M Aldershot Farnham & District 10:03.86
4 Mark Hayter SM Eastleigh RC 10:08.47
5 Steve Marcer SM Southampton 10:19.81
6 Archie Ives U15B Winchester & District 10:22.30
7 Chris Chambers SM Eastleigh RC 10:29.55
8 Matthew Jerrard SM Eastleigh RC 10:31.01
9 Lucy Rochford U17W Andover 10:52.39
10 Ellie Czura U17W City of Portsmouth 11:12.53
11 Neil Catchlove SM Unattached 11:15.03
12 Bethany Heddle U17W Camberley & District 11:17.06
13 Richard Heddle SM Camberley & District 11:41.19
14 Gemma Bigg U20W Basingstoke & Mid Hants 11:52.80

Robbie and I did arrive at Basingstoke much earlier than his race, in fact we were in time to watch a number of Robbie’s team mates  compete in a round of 800m races, with Billy Smith (U13B) Harry Grace (U15B) , and Stacey Burrows (U15G) getting PB’s. Stacey smashing her PB by 8 seconds and winning the U15 girls 800m prize.

AFD 800m Results (By Age Group)

Name Age group Time
Billy   Smith U13B 02:30.3
Harry   Grace U15B 02:16.8
Stacey   Burrows U15G 02:20.8
Peony   Myall U15G 02:26.6
Lizzie   Squibbs U15G 02:27.7
Hannah   Jacobs U15G 02:30.5
Will   Parrott U17M 02:20.5
Evie   Grice U17W 02:19.7
Tamara   Myall U17W 02:28.0
Ben   Watson U20M 01:59.0
Tom   Bowerman SM 01:55.0
Nick   Jacobs SM 02:12.4
Charlotte   Browning SW 02:05.1
Sofie   Kent SW 02:23.9