Robbie’s Millenium Cup III

Back again, Velmead attending the Millennium Cup, the venue has now moved to Lord Wandsworth College. Now running as bottom year Under 11’s Robbie is expecting a much harder time of it than last year.

After almost a year of training with AFD, and a number of Border League races Robbie’s experience and ability has come on much quicker than that of the boys about him, and he dominates the race from the beginning to the end. It was a great day, a great race and to stand and hear the British Junior Women’s Champion cheering Robbie on by name was also great.

Millennium Cup 2010

1st Place

Southern Road Relays 2009

It’s Robbie’s first outing in an AFD vest, and though he is still only 9yo he steps up and runs in the U13’s race.

Robbie is Happy to represent AFD

Robbie is Happy to represent AFD

His pace does him well, and he catches a number of runners on his circuit round the course, some much bigger than he is…

Size doesn't always matter.

Size doesn’t always matter.

Running for AFD in their U13 C team, and completing his leg in 12’54”. The C team finish the team event in 33rd place.

Robbie’s Millenium Cup II

Ok a year on, at this point Robbie is still only running in the royal blue of Velmead Junior School, a lot of thanks need to go to his teacher, and the school caretaker for thie continued efforts to keep running on the extra curricular activities list for the school. Since his excellent performance a year ago, Robbie has gone from strength to strength in his school running and has put his name down on the waiting list to join Aldershot and Farnham Athletics Club (AFD). Though Rugby is still his passion, Football is now coming to the fore and running sits in there alongside both of them. For Robbie it’s all about the sport, and it seems that any sport is a good sport.

Millenium Cup held a great promise this year, and we were certainly hoping, and even expecting a medal. The race began and it soon became evident that Robbie wouldn’t have everything his own way, trailing in second place for the majority of the race, a major boost in the last 80m sees Robbie catch the number 1 runner, but unfortunately he just runs out of distance to take him in crossing the line almost together before his opponent trips and leaves Robbie to wander off believing he has won. It is over an hour later when we find out that the organisers believe that the boys were over the line before the fall, and that is the official ending 🙂

Anyway despite coming second, a medal followed and was greeted with great enthusiasm, presented by Steph Twell (British Junior Womens XC Champion) and her coach Mick Woods, to whom Anna had a quick chat with post race, and before you know it Robbie is invited to come along and train with Mick’s squad at AFD, circumventing an 18month waiting list.

Millenium Cup 2009

2nd Place

Border League 2009/10

Robbie’s first season of competition for AFD see’s him taking part in the Border League cross country championships in the U11 age group.

The Border League comprises of 4 individual races, the results of which are fed in to an overall individual results table and an overall team results table. It is organised and run every year by Camberley Athletic Club.

  • Race 1 – Lightwater – 2nd

Robbie’s first meeting with James Fleming (Camberley) sees James take first place, but what an excellent first race. James and Robbie have a friendly rivalry that is still going strong in 2013.

 Place Time Runner Club
 1 10.47 James Fleming Camberley
 2 10.52 Robbie Coupland AFD
 3 11.01 Adam Bonnett Crawley Ridge
  • Race 2 – Guildford

This was the first time Robbie came up against team mate Harry Grace, still running together at AFD in 2013 Harry and Robbie are good friends, but this was a very closely fought race. Robbie put everything in to the finish, with Harry nearly taking him in the last 100 meters. So much effort went in to that 100 meters that Robbie had to be carried away from the finish line by his Grandad.

 Place Time Runner Club
 1 11.03 Robbie Coupland AFD
 2 11.04 Harry Grace AFD
 3 11.13 Alex Clayton Bracknell

James Fleming finds himself pushed in to 4th place.

  • Race 3 – Basingstoke
Place Time Runner Club
1 10.14 Will Edwards Basingstoke
2 10.23 James Fleming Camberley
3 10.30 Harry Grace AFD

Robbie finished in 5th place with a time of 10.40.

  • Race 4 – Lightwater
Place Time Runner Club
1 10.28 Robbie Coupland AFD
2 10.36 Matt Comer Bracknell
3 10.40 Will Edwards Bracknell

The final race of the season saw Harry Grace (AFD) pushed in to 4th place, and James Fleming (Camberley) pushed in to 7th.

Overall Standings.


The overall individual standings are calculated by taking each runners best 3 results and adding them together, the lowest score wins.

Place Points Runner Club
1 4 Robbie Coupland AFD
2 7 James Fleming Camberley
3 9 Harry Grace AFD

The Team event is based on the Team position for each race, added together to create a score. There are no dropped results in the team section, so all team positions for all races count. The lowest score wins.

Place Points Team  Results
1 9 Camberley  3,1,2,2 = 8
2 10 AFD  1,6,1,1 = 9
3 14 Bracknell  2,4,5,3 = 14

Still seems odd to me that as a team AFD could win 3 out of 4 races and still not win the team event, but hey, who am I? 🙂

Robbie Collecting his Individual Winners Medal for Border League 2009/10

Robbie Collecting his Individual Winners Medal for Border League 2009/10


In the begining… 2007 Velmead Junior School & Robbie’s 1st Millennium Cup

An early spark of future possibilities as Robbie runs a fantastic leg for his class in the Velmead Cross Country Relay 2007.

The first major race that Robbie ran in was the Millennium Cup XC run annually by Grey House School in Hartley Wintney, it was here at his first outing that we realised that he may have a future in running.

Running in the bottom year U9’s (Year 3 at Junior School) Robbie competed against a large field of boys keen to show their athletic prowess. The race was run on a purpose prepared course near The Park health club and The Crooked Billet pub, just off the A30.

In a very competitive race, Robbie managed, despite the age difference, to do really well and keep up with the leading pack, eventually finishing his first ever competitive race in 5th place. Cheered over the line by a frankly astounded pair of parents.

Millennium Cup 2008

5th Place