Aldershot and District Schools – XC Championships 2014

After a lot of rain, today’s sunny climate was a welcome change for any spectators, but the inches of mud on the floor were hard to wade through, and doubly hard to run through. A lot of familiar names on the start line today in somewhat unfamiliar colours, the first bend saw four AFD runners round first, Jake Cvetokovic running today for Courtmoor School, Jack Boswell for Frogmore, Robbie Coupland for Calthorpe and Sean Pocknee for Yateley. The finish line saw a very similar line up with only one minor change where Sean got pipped for fourth and ultimately finished in 5th place. Still with Aldershot Schools selecting the top 16 runners to compete in the Hampshire County Schools event, there will be a strong AFD presence in that camp.

1st – Jake Cvetkovic
2nd – Jack Boswell
3rd – Robbie Coupland

1st – Robert Mays
2nd – Courtmoor
3rd – Salesian College

Sorry no times 🙁

Chasing Jack and Jake up the hill...

Chasing Jack and Jake up the hill…

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