Aldershot District Schools Championships

Another odd day, at least as far as weather is concerned, from glorious sunshine, to black clouds, gale force winds, and even hail on the day adding to the fun. Robbie, running for Calthorpe Park chose to race in the 3000m and from very early on it was fairly obvious that he was going to walk away with the gold. By the 5th lap he had lapped 4 of the 8 competitors, and coming in to the finishing straight on his last lap was chasing down 4th and 3rd place, with 2nd place only half a lap away. A convincing win, but not unexpected in the GCSE exam timetable reduced field, Robbie finishing in 9:35 with second place crossing the line almost a minute later.

As a note: The 1500m race was won in 5:00, Robbie ran the first 1500m of his 3000m in about 4:30. Something that was noted by the selectors, who contacted Robbie and asked him if he would be willing to run the 1500m at the County Championships, because of his win at 3000m he had a confirmed place, but as a district we were struggling for 1500m runners. Robbie subsequently chose to run the 1500m at the Hampshire School Championships.

200m in to the 3000m, already forming a gap.

200m in to the 3000m, already forming a gap.

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