Aldershot District Schools – County Qualifiers

Friday 16th May see’s Robbie at Reading Stadium preparing for his first major Schools event of the track season. Robbie has been selected to represent Calthorpe Park school in the Junior 1500m race,¬†supported by Calthorpe’s Matt Farmiloe and facing up against¬†fellow AFD athlete, Billy Smith (Robert Mays School).

The boys warm up and line up, after a m orning of sweltering heat there is something of a breath of fresh air as clouds slowly cover the sun, dropping the temperature, not by much, but by enough to make the distance racers a little more comfortable.

From the get go, Robbie leads the race by a convincing margin, giving him little, if any competition. Finishing first and becoming the Aldershot District Champion at 1500m in 4’29”.

Robbie leads the 1500m's in convincing style.

Robbie leads the 1500m’s in convincing style.

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