Calthorpe park – Sports Day 2013

Today the whole of Calthorpe park spent the day out on the sports fields participating, cheering, eating and drinking. A bit like Picnic in the park with Athletics. 🙂

Unfortunately there is no 1500m on the day, the positions for 1500m are devised from the times completed during the PE lesson based heats, Robbie won the 1500 in a time of 4″54′ the school record still stands at 4’52” to be fair, Robbie didn’t put his all in as he was expecting a final otherwise I think he’d have smashed the record.

On the day Robbie had qualified for both the Javelin, and the 800m and Jade had qualified for the Shot Put in which she came 3rd overall for year 10.


Robbie is not divulging his Javelin position, so I’m assuming it wasn’t particularly good, but the 800m was a different story. Although Calthorpe doesn’t have anyone that can come close to Robbie at 1500m there are a number of boys, that we believe to be quite good at 800m, so a race was expected. The first 300m or so showed some very aggressive running from 4 or 5 boys, Robbie pushing everything from the front with the others determined to keep up, but by the end of the first lap Robbie was starting to pull away. Robbie completed the first lap in an astonishing 65″ a pace that he couldn’t keep up, but which burnt out the opposition. The second lap completed in 74″, a somewhat more normal time saw Robbie winning the Year 8 2013 800m in 2’19” equalling his PB (set on track, with this race on grass) and beating the school record by 6 seconds.

For his performance at Sports Day 2013 Robbie won the Year 8 Boys Outstanding Performance Trophy. There is one boys trophy and one girls trophy issued per school year, so a total of 8 trophies per sports day. Congratulations to all the other winners.


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