Hampshire League (2 of 5) – Goodwood

A very wet day today, the rain came down hard and constant and everyone was soaked to the skin. Trex who tagged along today looked like a drowned rat, and to some extent I wish I had a photo of him to post up, but unfortunately I don’t.

It was another good day for AFD with some really good performances across the board, and more importantly a very high showing of runners.

The U15 Boys had a great race, Jack Boswell won by a long way, so far out in front he looked like a completely different class to the rest of the field, importantly though, for the team, Jake Cvetkovic, Robbie made top ten places, sliding AFD in to first place in the team event.

A quick rundown of results for the first three AFD runners a great team result, well done boys.

1st Jack Boswell 14:44.0
5th Jake Cvetkovic 15:31.0
10th Robbie Coupland 15:47.0

Jake and Robbie looking cold and wet after a hard 4.25k race.

Oh, did I mention the mud???

Also looking Muddy…

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