Hampshire League – Salisbury (5 of 5)

Unusual for this season, but we set off to Salisbury in glorious sunshine, things changed after we parked up and headed to the race start though. Wind whipped across the fields, driving the very air from your lungs, and as the U13 girls got under-way the rain started and swiftly turned in to hard and sharp hail stones. The U13 girls running head on in to a gale force wind, driving pellets of ice in to their skin, was not a pleasant to watch, and must have been much worse to experience. The shower, all be it very nasty, was brief and by the time the U13 girls had finished the skies were once again blue, and the sun was once again out. It didn’t last though, and the U15 boys experienced the same driving wind and pellet like hail as they raced to the line.

Robbie finished 8th on the day, adding an improved position to his event scoreline. With this being the last race of the league, both individual and team positions would be calculated in a hurry, and medal ceremonies were set for 14:15. So post race, it was leg it to the scout hut, buy hot chocolate and cake and try to warm up as we waited for the final positions to be announced, and the medal ceremonies to be completed.

Just before the Hail Storm started, with James Beaks.

Going in to this final event AFD were clinging on to first place in the team event, but Reading, with the return to form of Matt Rawlings looked likely to be a huge threat on the day.

AFD U15 Boys Hampshire League Results.
2: Jake Cvetkovic Best 4: 4,4,2,1: 11
9: Robbie Coupland Best 4: 10,10,8,8: 36

U15 Boys Team Results
1: Reading: 8
2: AFD: 9
3: Southampton: 16

Over the period of the Hampshire League this year, 5 AFD runners contributed to AFD coming 2nd in the team event. The most obvious of which was Jack Boswell, who is still injured and couldn’t make today’s event.

But well done to all contributors.
Jack Boswell, Jake Cvetkovic, Robbie Coupland, Sean Pocknee, Michael Try.

Jake, Robbie and Sean collect the Silver medals on behalf of AFD U15 Boys.

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