Saucony – Hampshire Grand Prix (1)

A late night run at Basingstoke track (Down Grange) was preceded by an early evening trip to Pizza Hut for Robbie and I. Nearly 12 hours later and I personally am regretting the chillies scattered liberally all over my Cajun Chicken Pizza.

The standing precedence of rain at Down Grange still stands, despite the race being in the middle of the driest July on record, and half way through a blazing heat wave, it still managed to rain, quite heavily for over 5 minutes.

Anyway, the running.

The Grand Prix is all about personal bests, the middle distance races are provided with Pace makers to try to assist with PB times.

A very tired looking Robbie (10pm) Hampshire Grand Prix 3000m U15 Winner

Robbie’s 3000m race set to start at 9pm, sees the lights on at the stadium as night time starts to fall. Unlike the 12 800m races that went on earlier in the evening, there are only 3 3000m races with Robbie running in the final race, results shown below. Finishing in a new Personal best time of 9:53.56 (Knocking 10 seconds of his previous PB) and winning the Saucony prize for U15B 3000m.

3000m Race 3 (Green entries = Personal Best Times)

Name Age Club Time
1 Robbie Coupland U15B Aldershot Farnham & District 9:53.56
2 Daniel Cooke U15B Camberley & District 10:00.51
3 Bryn Smith U17M Aldershot Farnham & District 10:03.86
4 Mark Hayter SM Eastleigh RC 10:08.47
5 Steve Marcer SM Southampton 10:19.81
6 Archie Ives U15B Winchester & District 10:22.30
7 Chris Chambers SM Eastleigh RC 10:29.55
8 Matthew Jerrard SM Eastleigh RC 10:31.01
9 Lucy Rochford U17W Andover 10:52.39
10 Ellie Czura U17W City of Portsmouth 11:12.53
11 Neil Catchlove SM Unattached 11:15.03
12 Bethany Heddle U17W Camberley & District 11:17.06
13 Richard Heddle SM Camberley & District 11:41.19
14 Gemma Bigg U20W Basingstoke & Mid Hants 11:52.80

Robbie and I did arrive at Basingstoke much earlier than his race, in fact we were in time to watch a number of Robbie’s team mates  compete in a round of 800m races, with Billy Smith (U13B) Harry Grace (U15B) , and Stacey Burrows (U15G) getting PB’s. Stacey smashing her PB by 8 seconds and winning the U15 girls 800m prize.

AFD 800m Results (By Age Group)

Name Age group Time
Billy   Smith U13B 02:30.3
Harry   Grace U15B 02:16.8
Stacey   Burrows U15G 02:20.8
Peony   Myall U15G 02:26.6
Lizzie   Squibbs U15G 02:27.7
Hannah   Jacobs U15G 02:30.5
Will   Parrott U17M 02:20.5
Evie   Grice U17W 02:19.7
Tamara   Myall U17W 02:28.0
Ben   Watson U20M 01:59.0
Tom   Bowerman SM 01:55.0
Nick   Jacobs SM 02:12.4
Charlotte   Browning SW 02:05.1
Sofie   Kent SW 02:23.9


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