Southern Road Relays – 2013

Another excellent day for the Southern Road Relays, it’s been 5 years for Robbie, and still no sign of rain. I’m sure we will make up for that during the Cross Country season though.

The teams stayed pretty much as given on my previous post, which has now been updated with the runners times. For those who can’t be bothered, or haven’t got time to look back a post, Robbie ran an excellent time finishing the 3k course in 10:10, setting a good pace, time and position for the AFD A team who finished in 3rd place overall thanks to an outstanding performance from Anchor man Jack Boswell. Team time was 39:57, with Tonbridge winning in 38:15, followed by Bedford in 39:05.

A busy start to the race, shows the difference in size and stature of the boys and a deep concentration on Robbie’s face as they storm away from the line.


And they’re off..

The next view of Robbie is as he comes down the hill on to the corner by the AFD tent, fondly dubbed the flying corner as all previous years we have managed to photograph Robbie storming round the corner with both feet in mid air, and this year we did it again.

Float Like a Butterfly, run like a Cheater.

And with the race finished, the boys step up to collect their Bronze medals. Well done AFD U15 Boys, a great performance from everyone in the club, with some excellent times all round. Medals were short on the day, but determination, desire and effort were in full force.

U15 Boys – Southern Road Relay Bronze Medal Winners 2013


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