Youth Development League (YDL) – Match 2 – Lewes

Match 2 in the YDL series saw Robbie go head to head with New Forest Juniors’ Alex Forster for the fourth time in as many weeks, it was about the race, but almost more important was the time, with that English Schools qualifying time still not met there was an element of “Just Go For It” about the race. Robbie did just that, completing the first 400m in 66 seconds, well on track to meeting the time, but the laps slowed slightly laps 2 and 3 taking 70 and 74 seconds respectively leaving Robbie 50 seconds to complete the last 300m, he pushed hard and really went for it, finishing that last 300m in 51 seconds, or to be more precise 50.9 seconds. Very close, but 0.9 seconds outside the time is still outside the time. A great run and a great win now we need to look to Watford open for a qualifying time so well done Robster, and good luck for Wednesday at Watford.

1500m at Lewes - YDL Match 2

1500m at Lewes – YDL Match 2

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