AoC National Championships XC 2017 (Part 1)

Just a quick initial post, the AoC Cross Country race provided some excellent performances, with some great running, and from what I understand an amazing experience for all the sports people involved, not just the XC runners. Farnborough 6th had representatives in Badminton, Rugby and of course Cross Country.

The seven person South of England teams, included 3 x Farnborough 6th runners (coincendentally all of whom are also AFD runners) in both Womens and Mens events, all of which performed really well.

Womens (Sorry Missed the postions, though I do know Lizzy came 5th)

  1. Lizzy Squibbs
  2. Katie Standen
  3. Amy Radcliffe

They weren’t the only AFD runners either, Maisie Grice also ran and performed really well. The South of England Womens team taking 2nd place and team Silver.


  1. Jack Boswell (2nd)
  2. Robbie Coupland (4th)
  3. Lewis Reid (11th)

With fellow South of England runner Mahamed Mahamed from Southampton taking individual gold the Team Gold was assured as the South of England clocked the following places…

1. Mahamed Mahemed
2. Jack Boswell
4. Robbie Coupland
5. James Heneghan
6. Sam Costley
11. Lewis Reid

To score a staggeringly low 29 points and take team gold by a long stretch.

Well done to everyone who ran on the day, we hope you got the most out of the experience and really enjoyed your time away.

The Farnborough Boys post race, don’t they look relaxed?

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