English Schools – National Cross Country Championships

Robbie is heading off to catch the Hampshire Team coach tomorrow, taking the journey to Nottingham to run in the ESAA National Championships. Hampshire have a great Inter Boys team this year, and we are all looking forward to the event. Anna and I will be heading up to Nottingham ourselves tomorrow, spending the night in the Crowne Plaza (the old Royal Hotel) and taking the chance to wander the streets of Nottingham remembering our misspent years of drinking and partying on those very streets. The pubs have changed, but some old haunts are still there and you can guarantee we will visit Yates Wine Lodge, even if the visit is only brief. Saturday will see a vast number of young men and women, boys and girls, descend on Wollaton Park for the actual races, wishing everyone racing the best of look and particularly hoping Robbie can pull one out of the bag and make the top 8. Good luck everyone, hope you run well, do the best you can and enjoy the experience

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