South of England Schools Inter-County XC Championships 2017

So the second event to be missed, though Anna and I were back at home before Robbie started his race, we were sitting on a plane flying back as he travelled over to Brands Hatch.

Little feedback from this one to be honest other than Robbie’s “twas alright” comment. But from the results I am assusming a good run, with Robbie holding 3rd place for the vast majority of the race, being pipped in the finshing few hundred meters by fellow Hampshire Athlete Toby Roe to finish in 4th place.

Great runs from all the Hampshire team led to the boys taking home Gold, and Hampshire being crowned South East Schools, Senior Boys Inter-County Champions.

First 6 runners count in the scoring team, placings shown below:

3: Toby Roe : 21.09
4: Robbie Coupland : 21.12
5: James Heneghan : 21.24
8: James Beeks : 21.31
11: Sam Costley : 21:36
14: Lewis Reid : 21:54

Overall, through the 3 age categories (Junior, Inter and Senior) and the 2 sex categories (girls and boys) Hampshire got 3 team golds, 1 team silver and 1 team bronze.

JG : 2
JB : 3
IG : 5
IB : 1
SG : 1
SB : 1

Well done to everyone who ran, it sounds like a great day out, especially well done to the Hampshire team on such an awesome showing.

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