Southern Road Relays 2014

Robbie’s 6th outing in the Southern Road Relays for AFD, sees him anchoring up the U15 A Team. A strong field of young men, with an exceptional team of boys from Shafstbury sees Robbie start his 4th leg in 4th position, well behind the Shafstbury leading team, and some seconds behind the 2nd and 3rd place runners. Robbie starts of hard and is quickly closing down the gap between him and 3rd place, but Chey Kemp of Reading, in 5th place is closing the gap to Robbie even quicker, and as they disappear behind the second row of trees Chey is right on Robbie’s shoulder. A large loop later and the boys come blasting back in to the arena, Shafstbury still way out in front, but now Robbie is in second place, with Chey Kemp happy to sit on his shoulder, the down hill stretch, and the road to the finish begins, Chey overtakes Robbie but no one else is close so it becomes comfortable Bronze for the AFD boys. Looking at the talent available, getting a medal of any form was a real bonus. Well done AFD.

AFD A Team – (Order of appearance – times approx. not official)
Ollie Percival (9’47”)
Will Brockman (10’14”)
Billy Smith (10’11”)
Robbie Coupland (9’42”)

Final Team Positions

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